Max Rive — Green Paradise Tutorial

Max Rive - Green Paradise Tutorial


The ultimate processing video with techniques such as manual focus stacking, perfect color balance, manual seperation and more. This photo has been taken without a tripod yet I have taken 2 photos with different focus points, 1 for the foreground flowers and 1 for the distant mountains. Both raw files are included for the main video. The video will end with an in depth demonstration how the photo will be prepared for Instagram. This will include finding the right crop, smart warping, adding darkness, sharpening and saving the file in the right file size without any compression by Instagram.The bonus video will demonstrate how i process one of my popular instagram photos from start to finish. Techniques include: adding light from the side in both raw and photoshop, selective color, color balance, the semi black and white conversion, manual warping, sharpening, saving file for Instagram.

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Max Rive - Green Paradise Tutorial

Max Rive - Green Paradise Tutorial


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